Review:Chinese Laundry Women’s Baldwin Platform

I bought two pairs of these shoes in black satin and ivory satin.

I needed the black pair to go with a black bridesmaid dress for a wedding I was in and I bought the ivory satin pair for my own wedding. 

These are almost 5 inches high but they don’t feel that way because the front of the shoes have about 1 1/4″ of a platform as well. 

I am barely 5’3 and I could not have the hem of my wedding dress altered (too much beading & scalloped lace detail), so I was estatic to find a pair of shoes that gave me almost 5 inches in height and were also very comfortable and pretty. 

I regularly wear platform shoes and boots so I find them very easy to walk in — or even run in for that matter. 

FYI – platform shoes usually provide more shock absorbency, which is why I find them comfortable. 

If you can’t walk in platform shoes without tripping or falling — then definitely don’t get these.

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