Video Review: Graco Smart Seat

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  • brittneydargusch21:

    I watched ur video but wondering does it have a good tilt when facing
    forward cause my son sleeps alot on car rides and hi head flops down alot
    and was wondering I there are a coupe of tilt reclines down on forward
    facing or no

  • Donna Peters:

    I have this seat and I LOVE it and so does my little one,although he is
    only 30pounds I do still try to keep him rear facing but the forward facing
    you CAN recline them and it is a fairly decent recline although not s good
    as when in the rear facing position.The lady did not explain things as well
    as she could have and it would be better if the seat had been used by the
    person for a while before putting up a review.I LOVE MINE

  • Kamtornkiat Musiket:

    Very good review

  • katey brunsdon:

    You can only use this car seat if you drive a big vehicle ,we own a car and
    this seat will not fit in the back in the rear facing position .you would
    have to move the passenger seat really far up for the car seat to fit .So
    this car seat sucks unless you drive a van or big SUV

  • Cassandra Eastman:

    This review was SO helpful! I wasn’t sure if it could be install with a
    seatbelt, since our van doesn’t have the latch option but now I know! Thank

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